Instructions for Charging

Charging via your Account here:

1. Register an account in GPStation.

2. Log in with your account details.

3. From the map you can find and select the charging point, or select it from the list below the map.

4. Plug the charging cable into your electric vehicle.

5. You will see a 4-digit PIN code on the station display that you must enter when selecting a charging point.

6. Select the amount of kWh you want to charge.

7. Make a payment by credit / debit card or by pre-loaded funds in the WALLET.

8. Upon successful payment, the charging point will start charging your electric car. In "My Account" you can monitor the charged amount of kWh and remaining time until full charge.

9. When charging is complete, disconnect the cable and free the parking space within 5 minutes.

Charging via RFID card:

1. You need to have funds in your WALLET

2. Press button to choose charging cable (for stations with more than one cable).

3. Put card close to the RFID reader on the charging station. *

4. Plug in the charging cable in your EV and charging will begin. 

5. In your Account here you can check in real-time the amount of energy being charged.

6. When charging is finished and cable is disconnected you have to free the parking space within 5 min.

*If RFID card is invalid or there are insufficient funds in your WALLET, an error will be shown on the display.